André J. Fabre

The current revival of interest in all forms of traditional medicines is remarkable: thus emerges new disciplines as ethno-botany and ethno-pharmacology:

The search for new drugs is moving more and more towards a much neglected area long ago: herbal medicine.

Many species of medicinal plants are being investigated, including spices like turmeric and ginger.

The emergence of new treatment techniques and reporting will transform our access to ancient texts opportunities not only in the data collection (i.e. all works and their variants which becomes available to us ), but also in their interpretation, including allowing us to compare the sources and analysis (indexing keywords, calculations of occurrence and co-occurrence expressions, creating lexicons variable input according to the author and the time).

The idea of a therapeutic "message", brought to us  over the ages, come from the farthest traditions of the Mediterranean world insistently our work.

We indeed feel a remarkable consistency manifests itself through texts, authors and different times, in all areas of therapeutic knowledge of antiquity, all the more remarkable consistency that contrasts with the proliferation of "theories" about the medical nature and mechanism of disease.

So we can already discern the emergence of a new discipline, "archeo-pharmacology" which would be devoted to the search for new drugs focused on ancient texts.

Achieving these objectives will require much  and can hardly be considered in the long term.


Date de dernière mise à jour : 13/07/2013

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