Cancer in Antiquity


  A.J. Fabre  (2009)

There is mention of “cancer” in many medical texts from Antiquity.

 An analysis is presented here of a passage from Aulus Cornelius Celsus, "De medicina"(V.28. 2)  dealing with "cancer" and its treatment.

 A confrontation has been attempted with Ancient texts dealing on this subject and, also, some of the present advances in a new medical specialty : "onco-archeology".

 As depicted by the Ancients, “cancer”, very likely, was not different from what we know under this name.

 All available data suggest that cancer, from  the origins of humanity, was present all over the world but there is still no clear answer to the question of an eventual change in cancer frequency over the past 2000 years.

 A new field of research remains wide open to give answers to this crucial interrogation.


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