Child's Transfiguration


André J.Fabre June 2013

There is no reason to hide it:  the author has been, all along his lifetime, pediatrician, physician devoted to medicine.

Many episodes of his experiences with the sick children ; at the end of his career  lots of memories have suddenly arise that were forgotten since a long time, sometimes tragic, often endearing, and , most of the times, sprinkled with emotion

What popped up is a suite of short scenes showing a child and his parents, nearly always the mother.

For the pediatrician the mother is always at the center of the scenery, for she knows everything about the past of her child, his  present and , yes, she can read it, his future

Several countries are reviewed here in this book  because the author has practiced in several countries but still, it's everywhere  the same story :  the child is at the real axis of   family life

At this time comes a question : Why transfigured? Transfiguration implies  transformation and even more, sublimation. This is the case here : a child can be  transfigured by mother's love.

How many times have I seen a mother hauled up from her love for her child from mediocrity to sublime ? Is not that  what is called "transfiguration" ?

The eight episodes of the book try to summarize a life's experience of a pediatrician :

I. -A disgraced child

2 -A child of nothing.

3. The lost child.

4. The abused child.

5. The Prodigal child.

6. The blue child.

7. The spoiled child.

8. Children and "Model".


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