Georg Marinescu

Geog Marinescu

Gheorghe MARINESCU  (1863-1938)


André J. Fabre                                       2009


Gheorge Marinescu was  one of the founder of Romanian Neurology

started his career as Assitant of Victor Babes in the Laboratory of histology of hospital Brâncoveanu

He then went to Paris to study neurology uneder the direction of the famed Jean-Martin Charcot at la Salpêtrière Hospita

He was elected Correspondant member of the Academie de médecine

There he meets , Pierre Marie, Joseph Babinski et Fulgence Raymond.

He then went to Francfort to work with Pr. Carl Weigert then Berlin, with Pr.. Emil du Bois-Reymond à Berlin.

In 1897, he returns to Romania to become Professor of neurology at Hospital Colentina.

Between July 1898 and 1901 the Marinescu made the first science films in the world, in his clinic  in Bucarest

He had been elected in 1900 Correspondant member of the Académie nationale de médecine




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