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 A. Fabre

Report presented at the AWAMI Congress in Strasbourg, 30 April 1081  


 Since 1969, the archiving of Pediatrics is done on computer at CHI Creteil.

The first records were made with the help of a pharmaceutical company, Dausse, then, thanks to the work of the workshop mecanography CHIC, under activity CRIH Villeneuve-St-Georges.

From 1970 to 1979, all records of the two services child medicine CHIC were able to be processed and archived at CRIH Villeneuve St Georges

A total of more than 20,000 cases have been analyzed according to a regular program of data mining, in particular the calculation of the frequencies of disease and pathological correlations.

It was not until 1980 that the program could be, with the help of the current Director of CRIH, Mr Jack and the Director of CHIC. LC. Directly "implanted" in the local flag of Medicine Infantile.


• The aims  were ttiple:

            - Archive files;

            - Maintain a file sick;

            - "Computerize" the medical secretary, and in particular the mail. • Base: VSPC IBM teleprocessing system by giving access

 • technical data:

            - A shared central computer via a telephone line network of PTT time.

            - Unit = device screen with IBM 3276-2 and IBM 3287-2 printer.


            - Shorter time archiving and delivery of mail;

            - Greatly increased possibilities of analysis, both in the field of the study of pathologies of management analysis, which then serve as the basis for program evaluation quality care


            absence of any "real time" information  Constraints Inherent in the "extension" logic of the system cost: multiple workstations, operating the entire file available;

            "psychological" side effects : use of computers implies a deep change in routines even if, often, archaic routine seem more éacceptable" to users

            "reluctances" from many physicians to the new techniques


File access control and its contents are made in accordance with the recommendations of the Commission "Informatique et Liberté".



This work was made possible thanks to C.R.LH. . Villeneuve-St-Georges and the direction of the ULCC, with the help of:

     - M. Gazzula and m. Leclerc (France LB.M.)

     - Mr. Jack, Director of CRLH Mr. JODART and Mr. Philibert;.

 - Mr. Defer, Director CH.LC. and Mrs. RICOME, Executive Assistant;

     - Workshop of Computer C.H.LC.


Departments of Pediatrics: Head of department Dr. Ph. REINERT and Neonatal Resuscitation: supervisor: Dr. J. Canet, Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Créteil, 40 avenue de Verdun - 94000 Créteil) (Regional Informatics Centre Hospital of South-East Asia Region Ile-de ¬ France, Director: Mr. JACK, 40, went to Source - ¬ 94190 Villeneuve Saint-Georges.


Enclosure: data entry for "pediatrics" file.



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