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Leprosy was long a terrifying disease, incurable and mutilating, which involved the exclusion of all those who were suffering and their grouping far from cities in leper colonies. The leper colony of St Nicolas where we testifies


A terrifying word: The name of leprosy comes from the Greek "leprosy" which refers to a lepers "were designated in the Middle Ages as" stingy "" scaly skin Affected individuals of the disease, which we call in our time as. " . Early on, the lepers were isolated away from the cities in "leper", the name of the medieval leper colonies

The current situation in the world: The World Health Organisation lived, in 2012, 182,000 cases of leprosy, especially Afrtique and Asia. while there are half a century, 5.2 million lepers were registered worldwide. and 34 new cases in Europe in 2002. The countries affected by leprosy, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) are among 91 mostly, Brazil, Burma, Mozambique, Madagascar , Ethiopia, India and Nepal. The France has only 250 reported cases, all from Overseas or endemic areas

Medically, leprosy, or Hansen's disease is a chronic infectious disease caused by a bacterium near the tubercle bacillus, Mycobacterium leprae. Symptoms are of two types: form "tuberculoid" most frequently characterized by large patches of depigmented skin, become insensible to touch and "lepromatous" forms with skin and neurological involvement, the most contagious. Diagnosis is made by bacteriology, but also after biopsy, Serology and age, studies of DNA


.2.1. along route leprosy

the beginnings



Egyte, Palestine, Israel

The long march of leprosy

Greece and Ancient Rome: leprosy is well attested

In the fourth century, Constantine the Great was reached EPRE, healed by faith

VIII century: The first hospital in the Muslim world was created to treat patients with leprosy and to isolate them from the rest of the population, about the year 700

XI century: creation of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus, the fruit of Christian Caritas. This Order of Chivalry founded in Palestine was intended to look after and care for lepers

XII century King of Jerusalem Baldwin V in 1174

In medieval times many questions are posed: how contemporary saw the plague, how they were diagnosed, what treatment they gave?

The following points were developed: Status of lepers in the Middle Ages (sanitary isolation and segregation), the population of bigots, lepers and canars and employment of lepers in the cordage.

With regard to leper colonies are round & round analy Bachelor: leper colonies in Europe (Northern Europe, Mediterranean Basin, East, Far East and Americas

 In France: building leper and leper colonies (at the edge of the highways eavec chapels dedicated to Saint Lazare and Healthy Madeleine Thus, Abbeville (Maladrerie brothers Val), Saint Ouen Alms (Maladrerie Saint Lazare) and Saint Mesmin. (the last leper colony of France, closed by order of Louis XIV in 1692)

The Leprosy of Saint Nicolas Gravigny is an important


Literature in particular


Movies & TV


Indeed regard Scripture: Old and New Testament and especially the Torah founding text

Place of leprosy in religion is affirmed by the saints of leprosy, their priests and churches

Particular consideration is the relationship between leprosy and mysticism defilement and stigma reflect the occurrence of s "untouchables" in the Middle Ages and in the East of "outcasts, pariahs," dahlits "

Any study on leprosy in the Middle Ages led to a reflection on Issuance and redemption. The duality between body and mind testifies. Gradually come the désacralidation leprosy

Finally, the status of lepers in the Middle Ages led to a reflection on redemption and mystiique


The immense drama that was the great epidemic of leprosy in the Middle Ages in many ways remains a mystery. But the Middle Age itself is not it mysterious to us? If there is a conclusion, it is that of medieval mysticism


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