André J. Fabre                   Octobre 2012  

In any civilization, Nature is closely bound to the world of divinities. This is clearly seen in the Mediterranean world of Antiquity in every  reference to the medicinal plants.  

Our aim, in this study, was to demonstrate the link between mythology and Medecine.  

Through several centuries of medicinal practice, appears a therapeutic knowledge close to become a Science. In spite of many gaps, errors and illusions thus emerges a first attempt to master the Art of healing.  

Is it possible to speculate on a new type of drug research guided from Ancient texts ? 

 Ethnopharmacology investigating medicinal traditions of the world has already obtained in this field some spectacular findings.  

At the moment, It would be difficult to predict the future of archeopharmacology but as Paul Valery said : "Present, is nothing else than a future nutriment for the past"


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