Nicole Bru a Physiiician Pharmacist at Palazetto Zane in Venice


 André J. Fabre              June 2012

 Nicole Bru is a most unusual person: physician, pharmacist and Helicopter pilot.

She is familiar with Venice, where she came often with her husband, heir to one of the main pharmaceutical companies of our times.

Nicole Bru is now giving a second life to an old "Palazetto" of Venice, in San Stin quite near the Basilica of Frari.

Zane Palace was built between 1695 and 1697 on the plans of a famed architect, Longhena , who built Ca Rezzonico, commissioned by one of the leading patricians of Venice, Domenico Zane, former ambassador to Spain, called "the Pericles of Venice "...

The Palazzetto was an annex built in the garden as a private concert Hall.

Behind an elegant pink façade on the Rio Sant'Agostin, the Palazetto shjows to the visitors a row of sumptuous  rooms, lavishly decorated in XIIIth century style.

The great hall, where Mozart himself gave a concert during carnival 1771, has a beautiful vaulted ceiling showing Hercules on his  throne between Glory and Virtue, work of a great Venitian painter, Sebastian Ricci.

The staircase is decorated with original frescoes which were, until now, hidden under a plaster coat.

According to the wishes of Nicole Bru, the Palazzetto is now dedicated to the French Romantic music.

As comments Nicole Bru :  "The Prix de Rome created in 1803 by the First Consul led generations of French musicians to Venice. From that glotious era, remain hundreds of  letters from Herold, Gounod, Massenet, Dubois, Pierné, Rabaud or Charpentier who were passionated by Venice… "

In 2009, a symposium on "Music and dream machines" was dedicated to "Supernatural in operas between 1760 and 1920"."

In 2012 was held at Palazzetto a series of lectures on "ancient mythology and Romantism."

In February 2013, at the Palazzetto will be scheduled some interesting French works: La Tombelle Sonata, Vierne quartet, Heller prelude , Jaëll paraphrases, Duvernoy trio, Strohl quintet...

 Moreover, in spring 2013, is planned a cultural exchange program between France and Germany through the works of an unheralded French composer : Theodore Gouvy, author of a great Cantate : "Oedipe à Colonus".

The creation of a new website, assorted to a social network and broadcast programs on the new TV channel "Mezzo" has raised a wide audience

One can wish that homage could be done at the Palazetto to Hector Berlioz with a performance of one of his most beautiful  melodies, "Summer Nights", a suite written on a poem by Théophile Gautier,  "Lamento" from his " Comedy of death" : the third of the six songs, imbued with a melancholy languor has for title : "On the Lagoons" ...

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