Trends in 1982 medicine


André J. Fabre January 1982

 I gave not only one but three answers to the question asked to-night, at this Vernon meeting : "Which trends for 1982 medicine ?" and each answer brings ne questions :

Medicine is now a huge flow of  interactive information : how will the new generations of physicians face this Niagara of science ?

Patients require now, more than in the Past, a highly personalized type of care, that means more complexity : are the new physicians trained to face such new situations ?  .

A new generation of physicians is coming, highly trained in standardized medicine but poorly prepared to the "Patient-Physician" dialogue : will they be properly trained to "listen" to the patient ?

 As announced by the great French philosoph Paul Valéry : "Everything has changed and even the future will never be any more what it used to be in the Past.




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